About Us

The Kimberton Arts building was erected in 1906 as Kimberton Grange #1304.  The 11,000 square foot building served as a Grange to a diminishing membership until the Lyng family purchased the much neglected property in 1990.  Ed and Sharon Lyng nurtured the building over the last 25+ years and developed it as a much needed community resource.  The flexible property has served as a church, ballroom dance studio, catering facility, school, meeting place and venue for many, many local family and community events.  The proprietor and champion of this historic building, Ed Lyng, passed away in 2016 and his family reimagined the space in his memory.  The updated building became available to the public again during the summer of 2016.  KAB welcomes the community into its convenient village location for banquets, meetings and other community events.

The Kimberton Arts Building will accommodate up to 115 guests for a wedding and a few more for events that are less demanding of floor space for head tables, dance floors, etc.